The Experience of Serious Risk-Taking Behaviors in Bipolar Disorders

With this project we aim to:

- Consolidate a research consortium to support and externally fund applications for co-designing module interventions for capacity building to manage risk behaviors in daily life for people with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

- Develop a network on risk behavior management in daily life that will provide strategic links with health providers (e.g., NHS), third sector organisations (e.g., Bipolar UK) and other relevant stakeholders.

- Develop knowledge exchange and research strategic initiatives, such as development of resources to support current community support activities.

Who we are?

Guillermo Perez Algorta has been leading on this line of research on the topic of risk behavior management in daily life in people with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

David Dinham, lives with Bipolar, is researching mental health peer support as part of his PhD and used to lead a bipolar membership organisation, Bipolar Edinburgh.

Professor Emmanuel Tsekleves leads Design for Global Health at Imagination Lancaster, Lancaster University. Driven by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, his research focuses on tackling community health challenges across the world.

This project has been supported by Lancaster University Research Catalyst Fund (2022/2023)